Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Preparing for a baby! Or is it a puppy?

Anticipating the arrival of a new puppy is sort of like anticipating the arrival of a new baby, especially if it is your firstborn.  I'm not speaking from experience of having a child, but we sure are doing a lot of things that new parents would do, I presume.

First, we buy a bigger house; one with a big backyard for the puppy to grow up in and run around (a baby's room/play room).  Next, we prepare all the necessities a puppy would need: chew toys (baby-proof toys), puppy food (baby food), collar (baby cloths), leash and harness (baby carriage), food and water bowl (baby utensils), puppy shampoo and other grooming kits (baby shampoo), poop bags/pads (diapers), puppy books (baby books), and a kennel (baby crib).  Finally, we baby-proof the house.  Lol.  It really is like we are preparing for a baby!

I'm NOT a dang puppy!
Well, only 1 1/2 day until we finally get to bring home Okami.  Then the nightmare should begin, what with all the vet visits, chewing of forbidden things, rough-housing with the cats, jealousy from the cats or puppy, whining, crying, accidents, cleaning wastes, and late, late nights.  This will definitely be our one and ONLY puppy for the rest of our lives.  The next one, and I'm hoping there will be another, will be adopted from a shelter and will have to be at least a year old.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Waiting is such a pain!

Okami at 5 weeks old.
Our Siberian Husky puppy, Okami, is ready to be picked up on Thursday; she will be 8 weeks!  Oh, how the days just keep creeping by so slowly!  Even the minutes seem to last forever today...

Today is probably ticking by especially slow because today is the day course grades were supposedly promised.  I've woken up at 8am, did house chores, sorted 2 years of mail, had breakfast, washed the dishes, partly cleaned out our musty closet of junk, and consolidated one year of my course materials.  I look up at the clock and it was only 11am!  It doesn't help that I keep checking the damn school site every 30 minutes to see if ANY of my grades got posted yet.

Although I accomplished quite a lot today as compared to other days, today just sucks.  Now it's almost 6pm; I've cooked, cleaned some more, and took a trip to my parent's house.  STILL no grades posted yet.  :(.

Year finally over; even though it's only May



My year is finally over!  I spent a year studying non-stop in order to finally get my Bachelor degree.  Now, I can't believe it's done!  Well, I have one summer class to attend to still, but that doesn't count [grumbles].  I was screwed over in the beginning of the semester by some instructor who was supposedly to teach the class that I needed in order to graduate by May, but he/she up-ed and disappeared the first day of the semester leaving the University staff-less and the students hung-out to dry.  I'm still bitter about it...  But then again, if it isn't for that, I would have to start my career immediately instead of spending quality time with my soon-to-come husky puppy!  Joanna (my wife/partner) and I are excited about that.  School... eh, it's school.  Once you've had too much of something, it's hard to get excited about it. ~

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Death to Virus and Malware!

100K+ items scanned on MalwareBytes, and I've finally inched into C:/Windows/w.../a...
I can't wait until it gets to z so I can move onto the next alphabet C:/Windows/x...
Of course, after the long brutal scan, the computer freezes. -_-".
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Time waster

You know you're wasting time when:

You write a blog entree about "wasting time".


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First Simple Post

This blog was created from a moment of truth; my life is indeed quite unextraordinary, maybe less than ordinary, a bit underachieved, a little constipated, kind of boring, and of course, simple.  Sometimes I want to change that.  I find myself staring at walls or just into space thinking, "Oh man, another day..." or "What happened to my life?" or even worse, "I did that yesterday!  Oh wait, or was that 2 weeks ago?  Last month maybe -_-?"  Time to do something crazy and change my lifestyle to make things interesting, even if it will make me uncomfortable!

But then, I woke up today and realized something; the world is the way we "choose" to see it.  I saw my life as it was, and therefore, it is.  Simple enough!  There is nothing wrong with my life or is there any need to change my lifestyle.  It is only my perceptions I simply need to change.  ^_^.  Hence, this blog was created to remind myself of that.

My first simple post...